Servo-System Collector Bushing Press Machine

  1. Rate-speed control by servo-engine.
    • 5 Pcs servo-system  + 1 pcs spindle
  2.  Lineer skid-worm shaft & Hardened and grounded

Self Dumping Bunker

All our standard self-dumping bunkers are designed to roll forward for a complete dump and then roll back to an upright locked position.
The bunker self-dumping hoppers will solve your scrap...

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Continuous Stress Relief Furnace

Heat treating and stress relieving are performed to selected types of products to improve durability. This is accomplished in large batch ovens, where the products are heated with enough temperatur...

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Pickling Machine



There are acid pickling to remove the heat treatment scale, rinse, lube, and dry. All wetted parts of the system are stainless steel. The drum has “scoops&rd...

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