About Us

Hidrotim Machinery & Engineering has extensive experience and important successes on subjects including manufacturing engineering, machinery design and production.

The machinery and equipment that we manufacture special to the defence industry are satisfactorily used by many customers. We manufacture and provide the machinery, the projects of which are planned and designed according to the requests and requirements of our customers and markets, optionally with PLC control or fully automated. With the powerful, fast and high quality service that we provide, we are always at your side whenever you need…

Our product range is as following;

  • Automatic Wheel Welding Machine 

  • Stress Relieving Furnace For Ammunition 

  • Degreasing Machine For Ammunition

  • Pickling Machine For Ammunition

  • Punch Presses For Different Industrial Plants

  • Special Design Machines With the PLC Automation

Our Vision

"Being an international systems integrator in engineering, hydraulic and technology areas, having cutting edge technology intensive products and solutions."


Our Mission

"Developing high performance, high quality, cost effective and reliable solutions as well as leading technological transformation in order to reach advanced technological levels."